Our Sunday

Daddy has to work in the afternoon,  so after church today,  we didn’t eat out.  Was invited by Darrius’ mum (RamblingMoo) to attend Darrius’ 2nd birthday party but unfortunately, couldn’t go as we only have 1 car at home and daddy has to use it.   

So daddy packed some of my favorite hawkers’ food from Paramount Garden in PJ and we all ate at home.   We had the famous yong tau foo, chee cheong fun with prawn paste, prawn vermicelli, wantan noodles, egg tarts and some nyonya kuih.  Sometimes, I prefer eating hawkers food at the comforts of my own house than to feast on buffets in hotels.  It’s quite torturous to have buffets as all the food always seem so tempting and I’d always want to try a bit of everything on the spread only to suffer in silence after feasting on the food.

These are what we ate today:


Oh how Alycia loves kuih… to bits. 

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