School Holidays Are Coming!

Are you happy that the school holidays are just days away?   For me, I am happy coz I don’t have to wake the girls up early and prepare Alycia for school.  This means I get an hour extra to work in the morning.  I’m also worried coz I know Alycia will definitely be restless being cooped up at home.  I’m contemplating sending Alycia to her pre-school’s holiday programs but they are damn expensive.  There are cooking classes, drama and speech classes, arts and craft classes,  music classes and much more and the school is charging RM150 per class that only lasts 1 week!   If I send her to 4 types of classes for 1 month, that would cost us a whopping RM600! 

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3 thoughts on “School Holidays Are Coming!

  1. Wow.. they really know how to make money, knowing that we parents may want to fill the kids’ time with some activities during the long hols. I’m also contemplating sending XY to the extra classes during the hols.

  2. me too very happy but i intend to let ian attend bao bei or maybe art class, so will be bz as well, better than letting him stay at home for too long and always asks to watch the tv

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