Updates – Alycia and Sherilyn’s Fever

The gals are finally back on their feet today with no fever.  Alycia had completed her course of antibiotics yesterday and today I’ll have to give her probiotics powder supplement to replenish the good bacteria in her guts.  Sherilyn still has 3 more days to go on her antibiotics.  Daddy bought them a tub of Macademia nut Haegan Daz ice cream as treat to go with their medicine.  A few of my blog readers had commented that ice cream is good for those suffering from mouth ulcers and tonsils, so I told daddy to get some too.  The gals were beaming when daddy came back with the tub of ice cream yesterday.   They had NO problem gulping down their medicine as the ice cream tasted too good and could easily mask the taste of the medicine.  No more puking when there’s yummy treat!

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2 thoughts on “Updates – Alycia and Sherilyn’s Fever

  1. I’m very scared too as Brian start to show sign of sick. He’s having bad cold since yesterday and today getting worse 🙁

    Hope ur girls get well son 🙂

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