Alycia’s Birthday Pressies…Part 2

Here’s another toy that Alycia received for her birthday and is one of the gals’ favorite too.  For the longest time, Alycia has been bugging me to get her a play doh set but I’ve always hesitated as I know how messy it’s going to get, especially with Sherilyn.  When Alycia saw this pressie on Sunday, she was beaming with joy as she finally got what she wanted. 

When we returned from the birthday party on Sunday, the gals were so excited with the pressies that they did not even nap though they were exhausted.  Instead, they spent almost 2 hours hours playing with their new toys.  Alycia who loves cooking pretended to be making bread and food with her play doh and spent a good 1 hour playing with the doh.  But after they were done with it, I had to spend a good 15 minutes clearing the mess they had caused on the table, on the floor and on their hands.

BTW, I did not even have a chance to see who gave Alycia this pressie as the gals ripped open the present papers as soon as they got home.  Whoever you are who gave this to Alycia, thank you very much for this lovely gift.

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8 thoughts on “Alycia’s Birthday Pressies…Part 2

  1. Remind me when I was a kid and how much I love playing with playdoh. Though in some daycare, they make their own playdoh, I guess it’s cheaper.

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