An Italian Touch

The gals had a taste of fine Italian dining at Villa Danieli @ Sheraton Imperial Hotel on Thursday.

We ordered a spaghetti for the gals. Though there were lots of black pepper on the spaghetti, the gals nevertheless slurped up their spaghetti without any fuss or complaints that it was spicy.

Sherilyn who loves cheese having some Parmesan cheese grated into her spaghetti.  Mummy had forgotten to bring their bibs, so the gals had to make do with the napkins from the restaurant.

As the spaghetti was not filling enough, daddy ordered a pepperoni pizza (mistake, should not have ordered pepperoni) but the pepperoni sausage was very spicy.  So mummy ate all the pepperoni on their pizza.

Want to know what we ate too?  Hop on to my other blog to read on…..

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