Chinese Chestnuts

For a change in variety, I boiled some fresh Chinese chestnuts for the gals for breakfast several days ago. They loved them but it’s quite a laborious task to prepare the chestnuts. First my maid had to boil the chestnuts for at least 2 hours. When they have cooled down, both my maid and I had to use a sharp knife to break the hard shell and scoop the nuts out. But seeing how much the gals loved them was all worth the hard work. Chestnuts are healthy and wholesome too.

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6 thoughts on “Chinese Chestnuts

  1. oooo…i have been eating these chestnuts for the past few days 😀 Love them. Of course, when my mum is here, she’ll buy and boil them. Me too lazy to do that…hehehhe. Ashley don’t really fancy them though 🙁

  2. An easier way to cook chestnut is to use a crockpot. First, make a small cut on the shell with a sharp knife. Season with a pinch of salt if preferred. Cook for about 4 hours and you’ll get chestnuts that taste like roasted ones bought from the supermarket!

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