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One of the things that I’d really love to learn is making digital scrapbook for my 2 kids’ pictures. I have some very nice pictures of them that I would love to put them into a nice scrapbook. My blogging friends have been telling me how easy it is to create digital scrapbook for pictures but it is time consuming and I need to purchase certain software to do it, something which I just cannot afford the time to do.

Now, I can design my own scrapbook without having to download any software at – Scrapbook Design Studio by just paying a nominal price for the album, papers and scrapbook supplies. is an online retail store for scrapbooking supplies and the only free web-based design studio to help scrapbook lovers create beautiful scrapbook layouts without any downloads. I can upload my own pictures, add text, images or stickers to create my own scrapbook. When I am done, I can either order all the supplies with the click of a button to make it myself or I can request to make the scrapbook for me and ship it over to me at a nominal price. I tried creating my own scrapbook by uploading pictures of Alycia onto a scrap paper and I am so glad with what I have created!

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