Happy Winter Solstice Festival

Shortly after Sherilyn woke up at 6am today, Alycia followed suit.  Since I could not do much work on the computer, I brought them to the playground and let them sweat it out and release all their pent up energy.  I’ve not brought them to the playground for almost a week already as it has been raining almost everyday.  The gals are still bursting with energy now and  seem the least sleepy.  I bet they will go cranky and tired by lunch time.  Anyway, I should get them to nap early today as my brother and sil from Singapore will be arriving today and we will celebrate my brother’s birthday at PJ Hilton tonight.  

Today is also the ‘toong cheet’ or Chinese Winter Solstice Festival.  We have not eaten ‘tong yuen’ (rice flour formed into balls and boiled with screwpine leaves, sugar and ginger) for years already.  Wonder if we can get them from the restaurant tonight.  To all the Chinese, Happy ‘toong cheet’ and enjoy your ‘tong yuen’.  Wish I could eat some today….

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2 thoughts on “Happy Winter Solstice Festival

  1. Slavemom…. nope, I didn’t get to eat them. I saw your tong yuen in your blog. Looks delicious, and the onde onde too… wish i cld have some 🙂

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