MegaKidz and X’mas At Mid Valley Megamall

We spent our entire day at Mid Valley yesterday.   I was really drop dead exhausted and the varicose veins made my leg hurt like hell, as if the veins were going to erupt as I had shopped, queued up for ages to use the fitting rooms and to pay (which really pissed me off big time) and walked non stop for 5 hours!!   Whilst I shopped till I dropped, daddy and the maid spent almost the whole day at MegaKidz with the gals.  If you have not brought your kids to MegaKidz yet, I would really recommend this place as there are many activities abound and the place is huge and very kids’ friendly too.  Security is also tight.  Many parents (esp. Caucasions) drop their kids there whilst they shop and there will be child-minders to supervise your kids.   The gals had a REAL swell time there climbing, jumping, laughing and eating.  They also had spaghetti, eggs, bread, mashed potatoes and fries at the little cafe’ inside MegaKidz. 

It was a really enjoyable day for us yesterday.  For the first time, the gals experienced snow falling at Mid Valley.  Yes, it was a real white X’mas at Mid Valley as there were 4 snow makers on the top floor shooting snow down and all the patrons went ‘oooh’ and ‘aahhhh’ and kept snapping pix of the snow.  Our hair was also covered with snow flakes.  I was one of the ‘ulu’ mummies and kept snapping pix but of course, the snow flakes did not appear in the pix. There were also a  Caucasion Santa Clause and elves on stage for kids to take pix with them.

I shall post the pix later, so stay tuned….. 

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