Nerve-racking Moments

There were 3 high paying opps from TigaP network since this morning but they were all shaded grey.  Each time the opp turned white (3 times), it took ages to load the page, then ages for the damn captcha to appear, then after I had typed the hard-to-decipher captcha (at times typed it wrongly), I had to wait ages again for the page to load only for me to see the dreaded words in red after the page is loaded.  Do you face such nerve-racking moments too when you try to grab opps from TigaP?

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4 thoughts on “Nerve-racking Moments

  1. I also wan to gave up PPP leh. I also having the same thing. Once the shaded grey turn white I quickly reserve it but by the time waiting to download the page it turned grey again. Aiyorrrr… real frustrated dont know whats wrong.

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