Homecooked Food vs Outside Food

After enjoying delicious homecooked food catered from Aly and Sher’s former nanny for 2 days on Monday and Tuesday, we had to eat outside food for 2 days straight, 2 meals a day since Wednesday as the nanny had to go outstation for a couple of days. The nanny is really a great cook and can cook up a storm. On Tuesday, she cooked mushroom chicken,

stir-fried cabbage with homemade fish cake and chicken slices,

and Chawan Mushi with homemade fishballs and crabsticks. As Sherilyn only eats eggs and fish balls, this dish is especially made for her. 

Our enjoyment of homecooked food was shortlived when the nanny told us she has to go outstation on Wednesday. After eating outside food for 2 days straight, I am already beginning to feel sick of eating outside food laden with MSG, salt and oil.

I doubt the nanny will continue cooking for us as she has told us it’s too much work for her and she doesn’t want to feel stressed out rushing to cook for us everyday for 2 meals.   Looks like I will have to take over as the cook when my new temp maid arrives. 

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11 thoughts on “Homecooked Food vs Outside Food

  1. Cooking everyday is definitely time consuming and stressful but of course, better than eating out. That’s why every Sunday night, I write down our weeks menu so don’t have to think everyday “what to eat aaaah?”

  2. nanny very helpful la, yeah, a lot of work to cook that much of food. why not u u get a hourly maid from the agent first. u wait for ur temp maid wait until when oh.. i am using a part time helper who comes in twice a week to do housework. somemore CNY coming, get the hourly maid first to help u clean ur big hse!! i oso got no maid with two kids at home, but u lagi cham, u r preggy and tired all the time..i got a not bad agent’s no, if u u buzz me la…aiyah, i might as well give it to u now la. Mr Wong-0126219670. he supplies temp hourly maid one.in case u need it

  3. Lian…that’s what I used to do, ie. planning the menu for one whole week. My ex-maid can cook fairly well and I can rely on her to do the cooking. Now, I really don’t have the energy to cook myself.

    SueSue…. oh yes, the chawan mushi was really smooth. Our nanny cooked a type of red rice for us, very tasty.

    Jacelyn… i can cook quite well wan…. but just too tired and lazy to cook now.

    Miche…. chawan mushi is the Japanese version of steamed egg, but with some meat and mushrooms inside the egg.

    Wen… tks for the contact. I will jot it down, just in case I need to use this agent in future. My temp live-in maid is coming tonight.

  4. These food looks tasty! Homecook food is still the best, don’t worry Shireen, I’m sure you are able to handle the cooking well. Just concentrate on the cooking and ignore all the households, leave it to the temp maid and close both eyes! You will be able to enjoy your food and cooking more. God will provides!

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