Pregnancy At 24 Weeks

Today is the 24th week I’m into my pregnancy.  Went to Dr Patrick’s office this morning, the fetal specialist to have another detailed scan of my baby.  The right kidney is still around 6mm+ dilated, which according to the dr. is considered mild.  Dr Patrick told me that it is close to normal and reassured me that there is nothing to worry about and that the dilated kidney will most likely resolve by itself.  Baby is 600gm+ as of today.

During the 3D scan, my baby was sucking her thumb again, thus we could not see the lower part of her face. This little fella is always playing hard to get, always covering her face with her hand and despite the dr. shaking my tummy with the probe, she still didn’t want to budge her hand! Hopefully she will show her face when I next visit Dr Patrick again at 30 weeks for another 3D scan.  Really hoping to see her 3D face to see who she resembles!

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12 thoughts on “Pregnancy At 24 Weeks

  1. Chin Nee… Dr Raman is the more popular one, he’s one of the best gynaes in M’sia. I chosed Dr Patrick as I don’t have to wait that long. Dr Patrick is very very patient and detailed. Yup, if you want to do the Nuchal Translucency scan, you should do it now.

  2. Did you see Dr Patrick Chia? We went to see him for our baby’s detail scan and the kidneys were also slightly dilated and he also told us not to worry.. just to ask the pead on duty during the delivery to ensure baby pee after birth, then its ok..

  3. the baby wants to surprise you so you’ll get excited all the more!

    wonderful to hear that everything is going well with your pregnancy. Take care always Shireen!

  4. i know that feel, as a mother, we always have worries about this and that even got the assurance from doctor.

    time really flies…3+ months to go..take care

  5. Sting… yes my fetal specialist is dr patrick chia. He told me the same thing, i.e. bb must pee within 24 hours after birth. If bb pees, everything will be ok. THe bb also needs an ultrasound scan of her kidney when she’s 6 wks old.

  6. oh, Dr Patrick didn’t mention anything about ultrasound scan at 6 wks old… just the pee-within-24-hours.. anyway.. don’t think its something to worry about.. 🙂

    btw, when you visit Dr Patrick for the second time, you can ask for a discount… (we also went twice and he did give us discount…)

  7. Glad to hear that everything is ok. Shireen, is Dr. Patrick the one from Gleaneagles? Hmm… I need to bring Wayne for an ultrasound scan as he had urine infection. DOn’t know which doctor to pick or should I just get a referral from Wayne’s doc?

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