Sherilyn Loves Her Baby Sister

Sherilyn loves to call her unborn baby sister ‘baby’.  Everyday, she will hug my tummy and kiss it.  She will also remind me to pray for baby twice a day – before our afternoon nap and before going to bed at night.

Though she’s starting to display a little jealousy streak in her over her baby sister, she still loves to ‘greet’ baby, hug and kiss my belly everyday.

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15 thoughts on “Sherilyn Loves Her Baby Sister

  1. wah yr tummy very cute and small for a 6 months preggie lady. Apply more cream la..mine was smooth and nice and suddenly one day (when i was 7 months) i woke up and found one crack on my tummy. I tell u its so so so painful. and the next was all over my tummy. Scarry thought!

  2. Sasha… huh, cracks on the tummy? Are they stretch marks or what? Thankfully I didn’t hv any stretch marks for both my pregnancy. Hopefully I won’t have any too for this pregnancy 🙂

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