A Not-So-Happy Valentine’s Day


Yesterday’s Val’s Day was really eventful and heartbreaking for me for Sherilyn broke her forehead.  Alycia and Sherilyn had been waiting for daddy to come home to cut the Val’s Day cake and were reluctant to take their baths.  They waited until 9:30pm and when daddy was outside the gate, they were so happy that they were jumping up and down when Sherilyn accidentally fell and hit her forehead on the sharp corner of the wall.   I was taking the cake out from the fridge in the kitchen, my slowcoach maid was washing her clothes that she should have washed in the morning and my mum was opening the door for daddy to come in.  I rushed out from the kitchen on hearing the loud bang followed by a loud wail, picked Sherilyn up and saw blood covering her forehead and face.  I freaked out and my mum quickly used the palm of her hand to press the hole of the wound on the forehead.  Daddy quickly went upstairs to bring the first-aid kit down and put a bandage on Sher’s wound whilst she wailed non-stop.  There was quite a deep gash on her forehead and daddy suggested bringing her to the hospital. So off she went to the A&E Dept of the hospital with kakak and daddy.  Luckily no sutures were required, only a dressing.  Sherilyn is required to go back to the hospital for a cleaning of the wound on Sunday.


Sherilyn was all smiles again when she came back from the hospital.  This little nipper who is hyper active, daring and mischevious has always been accident-prone since young and has given me far too many heart attacks and heart stopping moments.  I am always paranoid of leaving her alone anywhere.  That’s one of the reasons why I am reluctant to send her to school and have always been treating her like a baby. 

When Sherilyn came home from the hospital, she refused to bathe and insisted that she cut the ‘birthday’ cake.  Alycia who felt guilty of causing  the accident (as Sher climbed on Aly’s back and when Aly stood up, Sher fell and hit her head), let her sister take centerstage and blew the candle. 

I will have a tough time  bathing Sher for the next few days.  My maid would have to cradle her like a baby in a supine position while I wash her hair so that water will not get into the wound.  Her hair still smells of blood as I did not wash it thoroughly last night since it was already very late and the dr advised against washing her hair for 3 days.  But how to tahan for 3 days as her head is covered with sweat and blood!

It was really quite a black Val’s Day and yesterday being the 8th day of the CNY was Sher’s Chinese birthday as she was born on the 8th day of CNY.  Her actual birthday is tomorrow, 16 Feb.

My naughty and mischevious baby never seems to get deterred or frightened by accidents.  She gets over pain very fast and is up and running again.  She’s really a tough cookie and very resilient too.  She has been through many minor bloody accidents but she never seems to have a phobia of those things which caused the accidents.  What am I going to do with her to make her more mindful?

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23 thoughts on “A Not-So-Happy Valentine’s Day

  1. shireen, i understand how u feel cause it happened to ian last august! he ran and hit his forehead on the sharp corner of the wall too. there is this plaster which u can get from the pharmacy which is to hold/close the wound together so it wont split. i used it on Ian as we didnt want him to go for GA and stitching. hosp oso has a special glue to glue the wound together for bigger gaps. this is my post on the fall… if u wanna know how i felt..


  2. forgot to tell u that the strips that i mentioned comes in 3 very small strips. btw, Ian got a bit of pink/skin color scar. hopw it goes away and stretches when he grows bigger. the scar is ok la, except that it is right in the mid of his forehead. luckily didnt go for the stupid stitching recomended by the damn doc from damansara specialist. all doc that tak boleh pakai one, my fren oso went there b4, she said lousy doc there

  3. aawww…i know how u felt. i hv one like you too. walk on a flat surface also can trip! i think ah..middle child are like that one hor and they fear no pain! scares me. dont worry too much, they recover real quick too. 🙂

  4. hope she gets well soon.. don’t worry too much as it’s part of growing up.. just constantly remind them of the dangers

    Happy birthday Sherilyn! Be a good girl now ya 🙂

  5. oh dear that gash indeed looks nasty. good thing Sherilyn is such a cheerful gal. Don’t worry – kids are a whole lot more resilient than we think! Just 2 days before CNY, Bryan whacked his head and kena a bruise and cut just right below his eye – that was a close call! So he walked around during CNY like an abused kid!

  6. Oh gosh.. i know exactly how u felt. XY had a little accident too on CNY eve. On her knee. There was so much blood. I see oso I wanna faint. Hope it won’t leave any scar on Sher’s forehead. Do make sure she doesn’t scratch it when it’s drying up.

  7. Kids will always fall and get themselves into trouble no matter what! I learned that if the kid did it to themselves contrary to what I, the mother, had advised earlier, then he/she will just have to deal with it. The secret is not to make a big fuss. Usually, if it’s a scrape, then clean it up, put ice on it, etc. Got to the point my kids just knew where to get a bandaid and they would attend to themselves. Of course, I usually would keep an eye on things though I have to admit they never had any infection. Don’t worry abt scars, kids heal very well cos of their high metabolic rate. Most superficial scars disappear in kids.

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