I Am Hoping For A Surprise On My Birthday

I can’t believe I will be 35 years old in a month’s time. OMG, I am now a middle-aged mother of 2, soon-to-be mother of 3 and I hope I will not suffer mid-life crisis. I’ve even heard that some women as young as in their mid thirties suffer from pre-menopause! Boy, I really do feel old but thank God, there are still many people who have been telling me that I don’t look like I am in my thirties. My former boss once told me that I can even pass off as a teenager LOL!  My friend asked me the other day how I am going to celebrate my birthday. Well, beats me, I really haven’t given it a thought yet on how I intend to spend my birthday but I hope my dear hubby would surprise me with some lovely fresh mini calla lilies flown all the way from Ecuador. I love this type of trumpet-shaped flowers and my favorite are the mango colored calla lilies from fiftyflowers.com.  Apart from flowers, I hope he will also give me other surprises. I haven’t got surprises from my hubby for ages and I hope that this coming birthday, he will really give me one big happy surprise!

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One thought on “I Am Hoping For A Surprise On My Birthday

  1. Same here. My lou kong is not that rmantic type. In fact if he starts to surprise me on occasions I would be even more sceptical and start wondering what he is up to.ha ha

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