Pregnancy at 30th Week – Ultrasound Scan

I went for my 30th week detailed scan at the fetal specialist’s office yesterday.  As usual, baby is really shy and keeps covering her mouth with her hands.  My Ob&G kept shaking my tummy with the probe to make her budge her hand.  Finally after about 15 minutes, she moved her hand away briefly and my Ob&G managed to capture a shot of her full face….. but I am not showing anyone her full face just yet – am keeping everyone in suspense, haha.   The ultrasound scan cost a whopping RM150 and consultation fee RM150 each time I see him.  The pix of the scan are saved into a CD which is given to patients free.

My dr. said that baby’s weight is good, ie at 1.5kg and growing well.  Everything looks good apart from her right kidney that still looks slightly dilated but my dr kept reassuring me that the problem will resolve by itself after birth.  As for me, I have todate gained 8kg and feeling really fat and heavy.

I am in a dilemma now.  You see, both Alycia and Sherilyn were delivered at Sunway Medical Center as this hospital is the nearest to where I lived previously.  Now that I have moved to KL, SYMC is too far for us to travel.  I am really comfortable and feel safer if this baby is being delivered by the same dr who delivered Aly and Sher at SYMC as he has my medical records and knows my history.  However, the distance really turns me off.  Dr Patrick (my fetal specialist) delivers babies at Pantai Medical Center and my fertility specialist delivers babies at Gleneagles Medical Center in Ampang.  I am really undecided on which dr to choose to deliver my baby.  Pantai Medical Center would be the nearest to where I stay, i.e. 10-15 mins drive.   Tough decision to make….

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27 thoughts on “Pregnancy at 30th Week – Ultrasound Scan

  1. Oh..what a nice photo of the baby 😀 Trust me, you are not fat at all. Remember I said I can only see your tummy and the rest of your body remained unchanged 😀 SYMC is not really very far eh? Almost the same distance as Pantai if you use Old Klang road all the way to the end 🙂

  2. Nice photo. Hey.. u only put on 8kg…me 20kg in total..and am still feeling very fat.

    BTW, like Barb said..old klang road to sunway is really not that far (but have to bear in mind the jam at LDP) , I heard Pantai is not that bad.

    Initially I was also in dilemma like u. I also wanted badly to delivered 3rd baby in SJMC by the same gynae who delivered JS and WH. Ended up I delivered in KPJ with a new doctor and the experience wasn’t that bad afterall

  3. symc is not that i had my two boys..i travel all the one half hour journey..from sitiawan to Ipoh….coz i’m so use to the same gynae…which had all my records….

  4. Hmm… For me, I stayed in Tangkak a few weeks before I deliver in Muar. Tangkak to Muar is about 20-30 minutes drive. To me, I would go for a doctor whom I am familiar with but just in case the baby can’t wait to come out, I would head to a nearer hospital.

  5. not easy hor…
    I gave birth in PMC many years ago and was not bad…the 4 bedded rooms are spacious and each has 2 toilets instead of only 1 like 2 bedded rooms…

  6. That’s a very clear shot of the baby. When I went for my scans while I was pregnant, I always can’t make out how my baby looked like. The dr. would tell me, see that’s the mouth, hand, fingers etc… but actually everything was so blur to me!

  7. that’s a good shot 🙂 i couldn’t get as nice & clear last time..

    Dr Patrick delivers? Someone told me he doesn’t anymore… hmm, must be wrong info.. anyways, how abt going for a tour and see which environment you like.. 🙂

  8. since pantai is nearer to ur hse, if i wld u i wld go there. i believe the dr there are good too. i think u can ask dr at sunway medical ctr can transfer ur medical records.. try asking ..

  9. just follow ur heart n wat gives u peace of mind. take ur time with slow drive n turn on rlxing music to forget abt the contractions during the “not so far” journey. if u r comfy with the gynae there half ur labour battle with caesarian is already overcome just by hvg the peace of mind.

  10. i didnt get any 3d ultrascan during my pregnant as my son so shy and never let us to see his handsome face… 🙂 the picture showed very clear, still have ard 2 months then we can really see her looks…LOL!!!

  11. I didn’t realise that your O&G is same as mine – Dr.Patrick!! I like him even tho his charge is on ‘high’ side…..Because of him, I deliver Jona in SYMC and Isaac in PMC, Bangsar 😉
    For me, hospital location is not an issue, the most important is, the gynae who I’m comfortable with….;)

  12. I also delivered my 2 kids in SYMC. The 3D scan really clear eh. Well, which hospital to deliver? My advise make sure the hospital has the full facilities and choose the one you are comfortable with.

  13. stick to the doctor that u feel comfortable and have ur record. Like me, my gynae is also my fertility doctor, i stick to him till i give birth, he is only available at Chinese Maternity Hospital in KL which is so jam area, and pantai hospital just 5 mins drive from my house, i still opt for Chinese Maternity as i trust my gynae, and i leave it to his good hand.

  14. Delivered my second baby 4 months ago in Pantai Medical Centre, Bangsar. Agree that Pantai is very breastfeeding friendly (more so than it was in 2005 when I had my first baby). Maternity ward (new wing, 2nd or 3rd floor) is decent and the admission procedures are fairly quick. Most hospitals these days will let you tour their facilities and check out the maternity ward, delivery room, baby nursery etc – why not do that before you decide?

  15. I also went for my scan at FMGC on Mon, 11/02/08 at 31 weeks. Seen my baby’s face before on ultrasound but this time, the scan shows a chubbier little girl who is rather cute and pretty. Am elated!!

    My baby is 1.8kg which is slightly to the heavier side but still excellent according to the doctor.

  16. Shireen – Was in York House (Bangsar Shopping Centre) just now and saw some of those Crayola color wonder books. May be easier to get to than Babyland SS2. I also went to FMGC for both my babies!

  17. Sharon… thanks a lot for the info! Will check these 2 places out soon coz the gals hv already finished coloring the wonder book.
    Who delivered your baby at FMGC? Dr Raman or Dr Patrick?

  18. agree… I also believe in having my previous doc to deliver my second baby (if I have one later la)… in fact, I’m ok if need to deliver at any nearby hospital if it’s emergency but my DH will be dissapointed since coincidently both of us were delivered in the same hospital (Penang Adventist Hospital) and our first born also we purposely choose the same hospital with us.

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