Sensitive Uterus

I did mention in my earlier posts before that I have a very sensitive uterus.  When I was carrying Alycia, I was ordered by my Ob&G to be on partial bed-rest as I had frequent contractions that started at week 20.  My tummy would harden and get cramped when I needed to pee, to poo, when I ate, when I was under stress, when I moved too much, when I was in a car ride, etc.   Basically, my uterus is just ultra sensitive to movements.  Any activity that touches the uterus would make my uterus hardened.  My cervix also shortened at week 20+ and I was told by my Ob&G that if I did not take leave from work, I would go into pre-term labor.  The same thing happened when I was carrying Sherilyn but my cervix did not shorten this time.

I have been getting these hardenings on my tummy and contractions for the past 2 weeks.  It’s worst when I have to bathe the gals, squat down, get up from a lying position, need to pee and poo, when under stress and when I move my body too much. The hardenings were pretty bad yesterday.   Yesterday, 2 of my hubby’s aunts came to our house for dinner.  By the time my helper finished washing up everything, it was already way past 12 midnight.  I had been standing and working in the kitchen almost the whole day – teaching my helper how to make a pot of good soup, helping out hubby’s aunt when she cooked, boiling water, washing bottles, bringing food out from the fridge, storing leftover food in containers, bathed the girls and checking everything before I went upstairs to sleep just to make sure my careless helper did not leave any unfinished food in the wet kitchen till the next morning.  Had I not helped out, I think my helper wouldn’t be able to sleep until 2am.  I was really exhausted yesterday.

Tomorrow is my appointment with the fetal specialist.  I’ll see what Dr Patrick has to say about these hardenings on my tummy.  Hopefully my cervix has not shortened this time, else I would have to be on partial bed-rest again.

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10 thoughts on “Sensitive Uterus

  1. oh dear….u better rest and not freak out yourself with the maid. i always tot cambodian maid is better..but obviously not after hearing your stories. not easy huh…

  2. OMG i have the exact same symptoms as you and also from 20 weeks. I have not been at work for 2 months now and have been going crazy bored sitting at home all day, every day on bed rest! Unfortunately I don’t have a maid and when I see dust on the floors I want to pull my hair because I desperately want to get out the hoover to clean but my uterus definitely does not like that! When i can’t take it anymore I call in a temp maid that I pay per hour. She’s very efficient and cleans very well and quickly but she also talks talks talks too much and makes my head spin. My obgyn has put me on some medication that stops the uterus contracting because we don’t want baby to be born just yet (28 weeks) but it makes me get the shakes and I get very sleepy too. I’m so glad to have found that someone out there has the same problems as me because this condition is really frustrating, at least now I know i’m not the only one… i thought was superwoman before i got pregnant, now I feel like an old women who can’t do anything!!!

    Hope everything goes well for you!
    take care, be well..

  3. I have the same condition. This is my third pregnancy and the pain is worse than the first two, it feels like labor pains. I’m on restricted activity but with two kids at home it’s pretty hard to do. I have lots of family to help me though.
    I’m now 35 weeks, I’m schedualed for a c-section at 38 weeks, I’ll be surprised if I make it till then.

    I hope all goes well for you and those of us who have this condition. Take it easy, it does help!!

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