Alycia Can Eat Spicy Indian Curry

It’s all in the genes. Mummy, daddy, granny, koong koong and mah mah all love Indian food. So does Alycia and she did not even complain that it’s spicy when she ate them. She can even drink the curry gravy by the spoonfuls!

We had roti canai, roti pisang (roti canai with banana), tosei and roti canai tisu last week. The gals loved them, especially the roti canai tisu… which the gals called it party hat. Have you eaten and seen a roti canai tisu or a tosei tisu before?  They look pretty appetizing and attractive and taste good too.  Hope on to my other blog to view pictures of them.

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2 thoughts on “Alycia Can Eat Spicy Indian Curry

  1. I only love roti canai…both my boys can eat roti canai too except Isaac love spicy food like his mommy…he,he

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