Ballerina In The Making

Here are some pix which I took during Alycia’s ballet class yesterday. Though parents are not allowed to go inside the class, I managed to discreetly snap some pix.

The students lining up for their turn to walk tip-top, chest out, hands on waist and head raised, towards the teacher.  Alycia is the second tallest in the class and she’s standing second from the back row.

Alycia’s first try… and she really looked so stiff and funny. Not only did she raise her head, she also protruded her chin so awkwardly, in her effort to raise her head, LOL!

The teacher correcting Alycia on how she should position her head.

The teacher informed us that ballerinas should preferably have long hair and tied up during classes.  The fringe should also be clipped up. 

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13 thoughts on “Ballerina In The Making

  1. she looks so adorable, pretty and sweet………..looks a bit chubby huh? hehe…..but anyway she looks very healthy and well-fed.

  2. always like to see little girls in ballerina costume. So cute. My mum never allow me to join any classes like this. She say expensive wor…..*sigh*

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