Learning During Breakfast Works Best

I find that teaching Alycia and Sherilyn works best during breakfast time.  It’s the time when they are seated and eating and their attention span tends to be the highest in the morning.

Sherilyn for one can never sit still during meal times.  Without any activitiy to occupy her when she eats, she will climb up and down from her booster seat.  I either read to her, let her do coloring, flash cards to her and do educational activities with her during breakfast.  During lunch time, I normally turn on some educational DVDs for the gals to watch.  Dinner time is strictly eating time – no activities but just eating and communicating with one another.

Sherilyn now recognizes most of the letters of the alphabet and numbers.   I think she will progress faster if I send her to pre-school now but I am delaying sending her until at least June this year.

Click here to see Alycia’s coloring.

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5 thoughts on “Learning During Breakfast Works Best

  1. Wow…..not bad huh the idea of teaching during the breakfast…too bad, I can’t apply it cause breakfast time for them is when I’m busy with my work…..

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