Sher Is Listening And Absorbing Like A Sponge

My mum was teaching Alycia what ascending and descending order are in her Math exercise several days ago.  She was explaining to Alycia that ascending means going up, like going up the stairs and descending means going down, like going down the stairs. 

As my mum was teaching Alycia, Sherilyn sat quietly next to my mum, doing letter tracing.  All of a sudden, Sherilyn began to draw this :

Do you have any inkling what these are? These are Sherilyn’s version of the staircase.

Are you trying to write the letter E or F Sherilyn?” said my mum.

This is stairs, going up stairs means a-scen-ding” said Sherilyn out loud.  She even managed to pronounce the word ascending clearly.

My mum was amazed that Sherilyn was actually absorbing what she has been explaining to Alycia all the time. Though she had kept quiet and doing letter tracing, she was actually listening and soaking up many things that my mum was explaining to Alycia, just like a sponge. Isn’t that amazing?

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6 thoughts on “Sher Is Listening And Absorbing Like A Sponge

  1. She really a smart girl…I bet your 3rd DD will be even smarter….he,he….invest tuition in Alcyia, and Sherilyn will absorb it….save lot of $$$ 🙂

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