A Little Update On My Life As A Mum To 3 Kids

I have been nursing Baby C the whole day today….. non-stop and it is really tiring me out.  Sometimes, she just wants to suckle my teats for comfort and not for milk, otherwise she wouldn’t go to sleep. 

Sherilyn is also desperately seeking a lot of my attention lately. She has been resisting our instructions and would bawl and roll on the floor when her whims and fancies are not met. When I wasn’t nursing Baby C, I was reading to Sherilyn.  When I wanted to get some rest or coach Alycia in her homework, I put on a DVD for Sherilyn to watch.  Watching TV is the only time she would sit still.  Alycia’s homework is also very heavy this week. That’s because she was absent from school for 3 days last week as she had high fever.  Coaching Alycia in Math, especially in abacus and mental calculation are the toughest as she seemed very lost, not to mention my non-familiarity with using the abacus.  She had missed too many classes lately.

Did I also mention that last week both Alycia and Sherilyn had high fever and throat infection?  Gee, it really ain’t easy having to take care of a newborn baby and care for 2 very sick toddlers.   I was also worried sick that Baby C would catch the virus.  Sherilyn is still on antibiotics now.

I just could not find much time to blog lately.  My earnings will definitely drop this month as expected.  Hopefully it will pick up again next month when things are more settled. 

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12 thoughts on “A Little Update On My Life As A Mum To 3 Kids

  1. You need rest as you are still in your confinement and healing month. Take it easy, Shireen. Your health, your children are more important. I was in your shoe ( minus the pain la..) and now that JL is older, I start to get a tad more time to sit in front the PC. 😀 Your earning wil catch up again.

  2. Salute u shireen. One new born baby + two toddlers + frequent updating your blog and doing paid post.

    Don’t worry too much about doing paid post, rest more and take care of yourself. Hope the two girls are feeling well now.

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