Baby @ 6 Days Old

These pix of baby with different facial expressions were snapped yesterday @ 6 days old :

Hubby and I have yet to agree on a name for Baby. While I like fanciful and girlie names, hubby (who is quite a Chinaman LOL!) prefers a more conservative name.  We still have less than 7 days to come up with a name and register her for her birth cert.

So, who do you think Baby looks like?  Hard to see eh?

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25 thoughts on “Baby @ 6 Days Old

  1. Dear Shireen, i’m new to your blog… i admire your patienceloh…. i decided to stop at two because the thought of taking care of the baby really scared me off…. i’m also touched by your preserverance of conceiving previously… God bless you and your new bb, yr two girls and everyonelah… take care ya

  2. Baby’s really curious to know about her sisters also. ” where’re they ? why’re not they play with me ? Exactly baby looks like Sherilyn.

    Take care of your health & Baby


  3. I’m lousy at telling who the baby looks like. I can’t even tell who my own babies look like but one thing is for sure, whether she looks like you or your husband or her two jie jie, she would be a pretty girl.

  4. so cute and sweetttt…. baby C winked at me (3rd pic).. hehe.. sorry to hear what you’ve been thru.. hope you are feeling much better now ya.. take good care 🙂

  5. she so cute!! same here lor…daddy prefers those conservative name and I want those modern/fanciful names…so we have to find those that we both can accept and it really takes us quite a while.

  6. Oh…she is so so cute….she’s got Sherilyn’s eyes…….take your time to give her a beautiful name that she will be proud of….happy parenting and resting.

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