Baby C @ Day 14… And She Has A Name Now

Today, daddy finally went to JPN to register Baby C’s birth. Finally, daddy has settled for the name Cassandra Yap Kay Lee. So Baby Callista, Caitlyn or Caeley is now called Cassandra or Cassi in short.

Baby C is starting to get addicted to my teats. For the whole of this afternoon, she has been whining away, but not exactly crying, you know, the type of whine that’s pestering for something. The moment I picked her up and carried her, she turned her head left and right, seeking my breasts. When I let her suckle my breast, she stopped whining but did not exactly suckle for milk, but suckled for comfort, as if it was a pacifier.  The minute I placed her back in her crib, her whining started again.  When my CL fixed her an ounce of formula, she spat the milk out, closed her lips tight and whined….. until my breasts took over. This went on the whole afternoon.   

Alycia and Sherilyn did not help either when both of them fought for pillows and bolsters and both wanted me to lie down and turn sideways facing them during nap time. I went ballistic when all 3 of my kids bawled at the same time!

Doesn’t Cassandra look like a boy here?

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24 thoughts on “Baby C @ Day 14… And She Has A Name Now

  1. ya she looks like boy and ppl say if ur girl looks like boy, ur following child will be a boy. the same goes the other way round.

  2. Another Cassandra in the blog. 🙂 For us it was either Isabelle or Cassandra when we found out we were having a girl. We opted Belle…and luckily we get to use Cassie for #2.

  3. Cassi’s vy alert n playful. To me, all babies hv that errr.. unisex look. I find it vy hard to tell the difference unless being told their gender. LOL

  4. that’s a lovely name for a lovely baby 🙂

    btw, you could try fenugreek seeds (from organic shops) to boost bm… a bit bitter but you only need a teaspoon or so…

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