I Want Sleep

Baby C has been sleeping with me on my king-size bed since the day we were discharged from the hospital on Saturday last week while the confinement lady sleeps on a single-size mattress on the floor.   Baby C is quite a good baby but will cry when she soils her diaper with poop or when she’s hungry.  On the first night, she pooped almost every hour (only stains of poop on her diaper, but this cleanliness freak baby wants to be cleaned up immediately) and cries for milk quite frequently.  I tried to breastfeed her exclusively but she’s crying for milk almost every hour if fully on my milk and this is exhausting me.  I think my milk is a tad thin as I have been ordered by the gastroenterologist to go slow on food – preferably no meat, no milk, no rice, no red dates water, no hardcore confinement food, strictly no alcohol, very little ginger in order to rest my guts that have been inflammed. If care is not taken, the inflammed guts could be infected and this could be a serious condition.

The lack of sleep is making me give up breastfeeding exclusively and I ended up asking the CL to mix feed her with formula.  Tonight I will ask the CL to sleep in the adjoining room next to my room with Baby C on the baby cot.  This way, I hope I can have a restful night. 

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5 thoughts on “I Want Sleep

  1. It’s tough on you, Shireen. I remembered Nyn cried for milk every hour during the first month too. It sure deprives you from your sleep but I know you are a great mom and you would stay strong for the sake of the baby. Hope your inflammed guts would heal soon. Take care.

  2. Congrats babe! Gosh, makes me broody again.

    Remember that co-sleeping is good for milk production! You can do it lady – just look forward to getting to the point where you can nurse WHILE sleeping. It’s not easy but man, the feeling of accomplishment and relief when it happens is worth it.

    The hard part is getting your two girls to leave you alone. Let me know if you need encouragement to forge ahead!!

  3. JoN… thanks for the encouragement.

    Jenn… yup, u r so right about the calorie burning when b/f. When I came bk from the hospital on Saturday, my weight was 50kg. Today, 3 days later, my weight is 47kg! Very soon, I can reach my pre-pregnancy weight of 43/44kg!

  4. It is really not easy to handle 3 kids hor…..for me, with 1 toddler and 1 baby last time, I also like deadfish liao….I really know you are tough mommy – will do anything for your kids, right?

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