Baby C @ Day 20… And Enjoying Her Bouncinet

That’s Cassandra @ day 20 and this was the first time we put her on the comfy bouncinet.

Cassandra now spends more time awake and demands that she be carried or talked to. This morning I did not know what she wanted. I had nursed her and had talked to her for quite some time but when I placed her back in her crib, she started to whine “eeeee eeeee aaaaaaa aaaaaaaa” again. However, the moment I placed her on the bouncinet and bounced the net gently, she stopped whining and was instantly lulled to sleep. I guess the crib must have been too hot for her to fall asleep.

Blue eyes…. babies have blue eyes….”
That’s one of my favorite songs. Sher commented that Baby C has blue eyes, which is quite true. I notice many babies tend to have light blue eyes but the tinge of blue gradually turns white as the baby grows too.

I can only place Cassandra on the bouncinet when both Alycia and Sher cheh cheh are asleep, otherwise, they will surely bounce baby off the net.

As I am typing this post, Cassandra is fast asleep in her comfy bouncinet. Daddy had brought Alycia and Sher to Mega Kidz @ Mid Valley this morning and will be back anytime. I better get my forty winks now before the 2 rambunctious monkeys are back. My urut lady is also coming at 3pm for my 2nd session of urut.

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13 thoughts on “Baby C @ Day 20… And Enjoying Her Bouncinet

  1. i think lil baby loves sleeping on the bouncinet as it is more cooling. cannot tahan la, these days the weather is extremely hot like mad!

  2. the bouncing net is a savior to many mommies!

    All healthy babies are born with “light blue” eyes as theirs are not “contaminated” by the “dust” of the world..once they are too expose, theirs will slowly turn white…

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