Baby C Doesn’t Want Formula Anymore

After successfully breastfeeding Baby C exclusively for 3 days in a row, she does not want formula today.  I had nursed her at around 8am today.  At 9:15am, she was whining away, not really crying but the sort of whine that is asking for my teats.  I was having breakfast and I asked my confinement lady to give her 1 ounce of Enfalac A+ formula.   I was really exhausted from nursing her the whole night and did not get much sleep.  But Baby C just didn’t want the formula.   She spat out the formula and closed her lips tight.  I felt so sorry for her, hurriedly finished my breakfast and nursed her. 

The moment I picked Baby C up from her crib, she was smiling to me….. aawww… my heart melted.  When I put her near my boobs, she turned her head ‘professionally’ towards her favorite spot (just at the correct angle) and ravenously suckled for 10 minutes.  Then she poo pooed and I cleaned her up.

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10 thoughts on “Baby C Doesn’t Want Formula Anymore

  1. after 1 or 2 weeks later, she will have a routine. dont worry, u r successful.. for me, i threw away the formula once i had successfully bf. having a formula there is quite tempting..

  2. Sounds like she’s going thru what Belle went thru. Belle hated the formula and refused to drink from the bottle (even with bm in it) for few months. So, be prepared to nurse Cassie exclusively. If you don’t want that to will have to pump more and introduce the bottle to her quick.

  3. i think babies are like that especially if you didn’t do mixed feeding. It’s actually a matter of getting used to it (formula then mum’s milkie)

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