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Ever since I bought a baby sling from The Baby Loft shop 2 weeks ago, I have not really used it yet. That’s because I don’t really know how to use it! I just seem to have a phobia wearing Baby C like this. I keep having morbid thoughts of her dropping out from the sling and her body and head getting ‘senget’ (crocked) sleeping all curled up in the sling.
BTW, is this the correct way of putting a baby in the sling?  Why is the baby at my belly level when I stand up? Isn’t it supposed to be higher, i.e. near the boops? And why is Baby C’s legs pushed up and her head senget, in a way that she is all curled up (like a baby inside the womb)? I hope I did not put her wrongly in the sling. Need advice from experienced mummies who carry their babies in slings.

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9 thoughts on “Baby Sling

  1. before you carry the baby, u can try get used to it slinging it on yr best shoulder with a handbag for weight. once u have it like grown to you, you cradle yr baby and let the baby’s bum or part body rest on the sling. it more or less takes some weight of baby. when u are used to this position, it’s easy to place the baby’s wholeself into the sling.. when they get older, use it more to support the weight, not to place the baby in. hope it helps.

  2. hi, was bloghopping. YOu know, the ring is too low, it should be just below your shoulder. The baby will be more comfortable facing you instead of away from you (flow with the curve of your body and her body, you see) and I normally carry my baby (now 2 1/2 yr old) higher up, ie. nearer to my breast. YOu pull at the cloth at the ring to bring baby up (lifting baby to loosen the weight bearing down as you do) Didnt Audrey teach you how to use it when you bought it? She was kind enough to came over to my house when i was in confinement cos i was so desperate for help.

  3. if u need a CD from moms in mind on how to wear those slings, just leave a comment at my blog and send someone to pick it up from my office. I will burn a copy for you

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