Cassandra’s Fullmoon Party

We celebrated Baby C’s fullmoon on Thursday, 8th May, i.e. 1 day earlier so that koo koo (youngest sil) is able to attend as she had to fly back to Saipan the following day.

We had buffet dinner (maki, sushi, chicken curry, beef rendang, turmeric rice, fried rice, stir-fried mixed vege, tartlets, red eggs with pickled ginger, ang koo, cakes), satay and a whole roast lamb. 

You like the setting of the buffet dinner?  Some of you would have already known by now that hubby runs a catering company.  So if anyone of you is interested to have catering done at home or in your office, do give my hubby, Alan a call at 019-266 4297.  The name of his catering company is Catermate.

Sounds like a paid post eh?  Nope, it’s not…. I’m just killing 2 birds with 1 stone 🙂

Whole lamb and satay being prepared outside our house

Alycia, Sherilyn and Cassandra with koong koong (grandpa).

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22 thoughts on “Cassandra’s Fullmoon Party

  1. Wah sooo Kuah Cheong one ah? Lucky baby C , daddy is the caterer or else sure cost a BOMB!! Very nice, the food very tempting. Congratulations to u nad ur family. Pray that babyC will grw up healthy, smart and lovely!

  2. Hi Shireen

    Happy fullmoon dear Baby C

    Last week we’ve moved to a new locality. So I was not able to visit your blog. We’ve got the internet connection 2 days back.

    I’m very happy to see the photos of Baby’s full moon. Hope everything’s fine there.

    Take care



  3. Hi, for a menu like yours, how much would it cost for 70pax? We are considering getting your hubby’s company to do catering for baby’s full moon (i know it’s still early but the in-laws are pressing =P). How would the price differ if I want a completely western buffet meal?

  4. Wow so fast watching people’s kids grew up….. Happy belated Full Moon…. I hope Cassie’s red cheeks will recovered soon, yeah my mom used to say Hazeline Snow works…

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