My 3 Angels

Streamyx was down again the whole of yesterday and was finally up again today, though still very unstable. I could not ping a few websites and have to keep typing ‘ipconfig /flushdns’ under ‘Run’, turn off the modem and restart it until now. I tell you Streamyx really sucks lately.

Anyway, when I could not go online, I read to the gals and we sang Nursery Rhymes on karaoke together. Sherilyn who is musically inclined loves singing and she loves karaoke. I plan to send her for piano lessons when she’s a little older. I also managed to take pix of my 3 angels together finally.

On another note, thank God Baby C is back to normal again yesterday and gosh, she made up for the loss of milk intake (when she refused to nurse several days ago) by demanding for my teats EVERY HOUR the whole afternoon (and also the previous night) and I am not kidding you. I was really exhausted and sleepy and hit the sack at 10:30pm yesterday and only woke up at 8am today.  Ok, gotta run, Baby C is whining again… for my teat teats.

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11 thoughts on “My 3 Angels

  1. ya it sucks big time! u can oso switch off and on the wireless plug. and modem oso. itworks, sometimes, i even unplug the wireless and plug it back in

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