Salted Egg and Custard Bun

This steamed salted egg and custard bun from daddy’s favorite Duck King Restaurant is simply the best. It’s so delicious that I put aside the thought of my bulging baby belly and ate 2 of these buns at one go! The bun is generously filled with piping hot custard and melted salted egg.

A note of caution – be really careful when you bite into this bun when it’s freshly steamed and piping hot coz the filling will ooze out and will burn your lips and tongue.

Alycia relishing the bun.

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5 thoughts on “Salted Egg and Custard Bun

  1. This is my favorite lah! But now I can’t take anything that has eggs in it. I strongly think Cassie is allergic to eggs. Eh, did you get an allergist to help detect your Cassie’s eczema? We’re thinking of doing that after our follow-up appt with the dermatologist. Oh, I’ll be posting about the eczema guide very soon.

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