A Not-So-Healthy Breakfast

Whenever my mil is back home from HK or NZ, Alycia and Sherilyn will stick to their mah mah like glue. That’s because mah mah is oh so patient with them, hardly scolds them and often spoils them with food.

In this pic, Alycia was eating roti canai and kuih for breakfast. The gals rarely get a chance to eat this kinda food for breakfast when their mah mah is not here as I will only feed them healthy and wholesome food (eggs, orange juice, fruits, Edamame beans, fresh milk, yoghurt and cereal). So when they get to eat kuih, roti canai and other food that I hardly buy for them, it’s a real treat for them.

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14 thoughts on “A Not-So-Healthy Breakfast

  1. Let them enjoy once in a while….you’ll get the best roti canai in Malaysia and Singapore only. ( Roti canai’s one of our favorite dish ) . Flakes of roti canai’s very delicious to eat… with side dish ( Golden color gravy ).

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