Aqueous Cream For Eczema

Baby C’s face is now cleared of eczema. Although it is not 100% flawless yet, it is nevertheless improving and her complexion is glowing now. I did not really alter my diet (Baby C is still breastfed exclusively)  and have been drinking milk 2-3 times a day, I still eat an egg a day, I still eat peanut butter and nuts almost everyday, beef and occasionally eat prawns. What I find helpful to keep the eczema at bay is to keep her face clean and moisturized. Heat is also the number one culprit, so keeping her cool all the time is important too.  

Baby C sleeps downstairs during the day, where there is no air cond.  Whenever she is sweaty, I will wipe her face and body.  I wipe her face at least 4-5 times a day with filtered water. Whilst her face is still slightly damp, I apply Aqueous cream (or Aqua cream) generously all over her face, paying attention to the eczema prone areas. 

This tub of Aqueous cream only costs RM15 (made in Malaysia!). I apply it generously all over my body too everyday!


Baby C’s face is now glowing, is not blotchy and does not feel rough anymore.

Baby C is half awake here.  She has double eyelids on both her eyes. However, the wierd thing is that when her eyes are fully opened, the double eyelids will vanish!  I hope the double eyelids will be a permanent feature soon, whether she’s half awake or fully awake! (like Vien’s Cassie whose double eyelids only appeared at 3 months old). 

I really can’t tahan how cute she looks when she sleeps and kept snapping her pix away yesterday!

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22 thoughts on “Aqueous Cream For Eczema

  1. I haven’t seen it over here but sounds good – we use exederm which is free of colors and perfume and nice and lightweight rather than greasy

  2. awww… look at the cutie sleeping… *lots of hugs and kisses* oh, will keep in mind about that cream.. the one that the pead gave us (can’t recall the name) was not that effective…

  3. She is such a pretty baby, even when she is sleeping ! All your girls are so beautiful, esp Alycia.

    You know, you can apply aqua cream all over Baby C’s body, then splash it off in the bath tub with your hands (hankies are too abrasive). This is a tip by Dr Ranjit of Ranjit Skin Specialist at Subang and it has helped Ashley all these while in keeping eczema at bay. We hardly ever use soap on her.

  4. it’s been hot the past couple of weeks, no wonder babies get rashes here and there.

    Never mind if the fold in the eyelids go away, C is still pretty just the same. Well there’s always surgery for that at it can be faked…with makeup. But totally understand what you means =)

  5. baby is very pretty just like a little sleeping beauty.
    Btw, I have not heard bout this cream….maybe I shld try out this aqua cream the next time….thanks!

  6. Local made work the best!

    Don’t worry about the double eyelids, when they grow a bit older, their double eyelids will appear, just like my boys.

  7. Oh, she looks so much like Sherilyn in those pics.
    Don’t worry, those double eye-lid will be permanent. Normally babies have puffy eyes, so eyelid tends to fold in when they open up their eyes.
    And, she’s really chubby now 🙂

  8. Looking at Cassie, reminds me of my Cassie. 🙂 Both girls have a lot of hair! Hehe..Cassie will definitely have her double eyelids..just have to patiently wait for it to “emerge.”

  9. Thanks a lot, my husband bought the cream this afternoon.My new born baby was facing the same problem the last few weeks. I tried a few brand and the one prescribed by paedtrician, but does’nt show any improvement on my baby. Then my husband suggested to try the cream. Hopefully, it will help my baby. She feels not comfortable especially at night and I couldn’t get enough sleep too. Oh Gosh it was a nightmare for me

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