Does Baby C Look Like A Boy Now?

I wrote in my earlier post that almost everyone who sees Baby C the first time would comment that she looks like a boy. Well, last night I dolled her up in her cheh cheh’s old dresses and what say you now? Does she still look like a boy now?

Baby C in this Pumpkin Patch dress which ‘sam koo mar’ (3rd sil) bought from New Zealand for Alycia 4 years ago. Alycia only wore it once, Sherilyn wore it a couple of times and now, Baby C gets to wear it. It still looks like it’s brand new.

Initially, Baby C was all smiles when I dressed her up so prettily but after a while, she cried.  I am sure she must have tried to tell me this –  “mummy, stop treating me like a doll and put me back in my jammies now.  I need to sleep now!” LOL…

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20 thoughts on “Does Baby C Look Like A Boy Now?

  1. I like the second photo best! Sure you will be a very busy mom when they grow up, all 3 girls are so beautiful..sure got a lot of suitors ; P

  2. haha.. she does look like a doll in the 2nd picture, so sweetttttttt 🙂 you know what… many people said baby zen looked like a girl!! LOL!

  3. Dear Baby C

    You’re so cute and pretty in new colorful dots frock and your hair band’s also wonderful. Who made that hairband for you ? Lovely hairband !!! 🙂

    God bless

  4. Baby C looks so pretty in the pink dress and the hairband. So lucky to have girls, coz we can doll them up. I like to see girls in pretty dresses/clothes.

  5. Hi, I’m a reader frm NZ. I like reading yr blog & seeing yr 3 darling angels in photos. I’m a mother of 2 girls too. Seems like yr little ones get sick very easily. Why not try Olive leaf Complex by NZ brand Comvita (famous for their Manuka honey). Olive leaf is a very powerful antioxidant and it is very good in boosting defense system. Me & my girls (4yrs & 2.5yrs) are taking it everyday to fight off the winter bugs. I found it really good. Can add into honey to cover the slight bitter taste. Cheers.

  6. Almost everybody said my girl was a boy when she was younger, until like when she has long hair, then people dont make the mistake again. Sometimes, it is very frustrating lo, even with all pink., ppl still said ah, it’s a boy!!

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