Guess What Fruit This Is

When I saw these fruits that my mil bought from the SS2 market on Sunday, I was really amazed. The fruit is very light, has very smooth and shiny skin and looks exactly like a toy fruit. You have any idea what fruit this is?

These are passion fruits or markisa. They aren’t very costly – RM10 for 8 fruits. To eat the fruit, just cut it into half and scoop out the seeds. You can also scoop out the seeds, put them in a pitcher, throw in some ice cubes and honey and you’ll get fresh passion fruit drink!  Easy way to make your kids drink water, they’ll love this drink.

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9 thoughts on “Guess What Fruit This Is

  1. i like this passion fruit since i was young, my house even planted this tree too…normally i just add water in and drink it, very good to cure flu.

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