Poor Baby C Has The Sniffles And A Stuffy Nose

My poor Baby C has a really stuffy nose, which makes nursing extremely difficult for me and uncomfortable for her. Try pinching both your nose and drinking at the same time… it feels terribly uncomfortable right? That’s just how she feels and she has to unlatch to catch her breath whenever I nurse her.

The Tonimer Baby spray (isotonic sterile seawater spray) which our paed prescribed cannot really bring her total relief. 

So at 10pm last night, hubby went to Jaya Jusco after his session at the gym to buy a nasal aspirator.  Luckily Jaya Jusco was not closed yet.  The nasal aspirator was quite helpful, though I had to pump many times to successfully aspirate the mucous out from her nostrils.

Poor Baby C is really cranky and wants to be carried the whole day.  I am going bonkers!

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17 thoughts on “Poor Baby C Has The Sniffles And A Stuffy Nose

  1. so cute, adorable, huggable and kissable………will u all be in church this weekend? Hehe, we are back in KL for a few days………can’t wait to eat M’sian hawker food again. Still can’t get used to the S’pore food.

  2. Shir Lin… I’m not sure yet coz all 3 gals are down with cold and BB C is to avoid the crowd…. but I sure hope to see you & Jeff! The gals miss you both a lot!

  3. Worse come to worse you’ll have to try the baby Vicks or something similar? In KL we don’t have the baby Vicks, but they have it in Singapore… just a little dab near the nose might help clear up nose congestion… just “might” 😛

  4. hoping the angels get well soon… baby zen just got over a cold and I know how exhausting it can be to have 3 down at the same time… she didn’t look cranky though in the pix, in fact she looked so cuteeeee 🙂 do take care ya

  5. i used another brand of spray b4 on Iris and it worked. the nasal aspirator didnt work for me, probably it was too watery… depends i guess

  6. i dont know if you dare to, but I used to suck the mucus out of Ashley’s nose with my mouth gently and then spit it out onto the basin. (not too hard, may hurt) Some moms dare not do it, but for me, if it works, it’s the right way.

  7. allthingspurple…. eeww, I dont think I dare try it. But then again, desperate time calls for desperate measure. I may try it if all else fails. Tks!

  8. there’s one nasal aspirator I used to have when Shern was a little baby, but I can’t recall the brand. I’ll check it and let you know. That’s the best nasal aspirator I’ve came across so far. It really works.

  9. The Nasal Aspirator you had is not so good… There is another type from Pigeon Brand is better but require to suck thru a tiny tube. I hope ur baby get well soon! *hugz*

  10. I can’t remember the brand and couldn’t find any picture on the web. Its either tollyjoy brand or pigeon brand. There is one small container linked with a tube. Then you put the container near the nose and you suck from the other end. It clear the mucus better. Hope it help!

  11. The nasal aspirator you have is not narrow enough. You should get one where you can insert the tip into the nostril. What you need to do is give 2 drops of saline into each nostril. Let it sit in there for 2 secs. Then use the nasal aspirator (the right one, I’ll email you the example) and suck out the mucus. Make sure you insert it at an angle here the tip touches the inner skin. It will create a vacuum; hence making the suction works better. I’m a pro at this ‘cos both my kids always have stuffy noses.

  12. When kids were very little babies, i used my mouth to suck. Cos any device is too big for their nose.Once they are bigger I used JAPLO aspirator with a valve..very gentle to nose but strong and effective to suck the stubborn thick mucos. Then quite easily to dismantle for sterilisation. Good luck & take care

  13. I have that spray too, for Isaac….I haven’t really try it on Isaac yet, cause I scare to poke those into his nose (after seeing paed demo to me)……

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