Cheap Does Not Mean Cheesy

People always say that cheap things equal cheesy quality but I beg to differ, well, sometimes. Ever since I left the corporate world and lost my financial freedom, I have stopped buying branded stuff. I used to shop till I drop and would buy things for myself and for the girls without any second thoughts, but not after I became a SAHM. I am now much more prudent in my spending. I never took a second look at Tesco-made, Carrefour-made or Guardian-made toiletries and baby stuff but now, I am buying them by the loads!

Tesco-made panty liners and wet tissues are cheap and nice to use too! I even buy the Tesco brand of disposable baby diapers and the quality is just as good as Drypers or Pet Pet. Errmm, Baby C is allergic to the Tesco wet tissues and her bum will get all red after I used the Tesco wet tissues on her bum. I only use these wet tissues on my 2 older girls or to wipe the kids’ toys and other things.

Have you tried the Tesco-made and Guardian-made brand of toothbrush for kids? They are really cheap and no-frills and I buy them for Aly and Sher since I change their toothbrush very often, like once a month. I find them just as good as other branded toothbrush, minus the cute cartoons on the handle of the toothbrush.

So cheap things can also be good to use!  That’s how I stretch my ringgit to the max…. by buying cheap toiletries!

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7 thoughts on “Cheap Does Not Mean Cheesy

  1. i want to try the tesco diapers for lil missy but wasn’t sure it is ok or not loh. using Drypers for daytime now. wic is like rm6+ more expensive than the Tesco diapers. so i guess ok kua.

    eh tesco brand also imported wan rite? UK brand leh. hehe…

  2. Ha…ha…I do buy the tesco baby wipes in bulk as hubby use it like no body business – wipe the floor, wipe son body also need 10 pieces!!! But, for household, like floor cleaner, etc…I try slowly change to Tesco brand….just to taste it out….

  3. WAKAKAK..I bought tesco wipes by the hundreds n shipped them here!! Crazy huh! But then I found out here, also got “house” brand stuff. Applies to food too! Imagine making a gourmet meal with “house” brand tomato paste, olive oil and herbs!!!

    Nobody could tell the difference!!! I could…my wallet still felt fat!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

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