Getting A Jogging Stroller For Baby C

Baby C hates it when she’s put on her highchair (which once belonged to her 2 sisters). She will arch her back, scream and struggle each time she’s put on the highchair 🙁 I think the highchair with a plastic padding seat must have made her feel really hot.  She loves her stroller though and each time she’s placed on the stroller, she’ll doze off by herself without much fuss. I’m thinking of getting a new stroller for Baby C as I intend to put the old stroller inside the house. This way, I can buckle her up in the stroller and put it next to the dining table so that I can have a peaceful meal without having to carry her when I eat. I have always wanted to get a jogging stroller or an all terrain stroller so that I can bring her along with me when I go jogging in the morning.

There are many types and brands of jogging strollers. I’ve seen several jogging strollers at Mothercare and a few other baby shops here but have not found one that meets my budget and needs. Most of the jogging strollers available here are very costly as they are imported. I saw several jogging strollers at today and they cost way cheaper than the ones sold here. I am really tempted to buy one but I am sure the shipping charges will cost me a bomb. I wonder if there is a place for me to buy a second-hand jogging stroller here as they cost much cheaper than a brand new one.

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