Another Big-Time Wee Wee Accident Again!

Sherilyn did it again 2 days ago.  This time, it wasn’t really all her ‘fault’.  After I had brushed her teeth, daddy took over and helped her put on the jammies. He had forgotten to put the diaper on and I was nursing Baby C and putting her to sleep.

The next morning, I fixed a bottle of milk and went to Sher’s room at 8:30am. I was surprised she was already awake. I gave her a ‘hello’ smile and said ‘good morning’. But Sher didn’t smile back at me but said “mummy, my clothes are wet wet“. I touched her pants and was surprised that it was very wet. I asked myself how could the diaper leak that much. When I took a closer look at her pants which looked flat and not bulging out with a soaked diaper, I realized that she didn’t wear a diaper to sleep the night before! I touched the blanket and it was soaking wet and gosh, I tell you, the bed was stinky! I quickly called my maid up to help me remove the bedsheet and to bring the heavy and bulky pee-soaked comforter down.  Luckily she slept with a plastic mat beneath her and the mattress wasn’t really wet.

Sher was walking ‘kankang’ (means with legs apart) down the stairs and into the bathroom…

My maid putting the pee-soaked sheets and comforter into a big bag, for hubby to bring to the laundry.

Sherilyn my trouble-maker made me boiling mad today.  Check out my other blog to find out what she did.

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7 thoughts on “Another Big-Time Wee Wee Accident Again!

  1. My gals still nid me to wake them up in the middle of the nite..or elso i foresee this wil happen, too. Di u try febreeze? Quite nice to use especially to remove the stinky smell.

  2. Oooppss! While i read this, Cruz was on my lap, he saw Sherilyn, and told me, “jie jie wet wet, i no wet wet”..hahahhaa, i don know why, i wear them diapers but sometime it still leak out, and my boys will tell me, mummy, wet wet, or it’s so wet. 🙁

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