Doing Revision With Alycia… Part II

Coaching Alycia in her homework and doing revision with her require tons of patience.   Each time I sit with her over her homework or revision, I would try really hard not to loose my cool and blow my stack at her coz I am an extremely impatient person.  Being too pushy and hard on her will only frighten her and jam up her mind…. though I must admit that at times I did raise my voice and said nasty words to her…. which I feel really bad afterward.   So most times, I use the carrot on the rabbit to motivate her. I use food to bribe  motivate her…. and it worked…. coz she’s a real foodie, just like her daddy. 

I used the Deepavali cookies that my Sikh neighbor gave us to reward Alycia if she got her sinonim and antonim (in Bahasa Malaysia) correct…. and I could see that she tried her level best. Her eyes were just fixated at the cookies and she was almost salivating as I asked her each of the sinonim and antonim last week, muahahahaha…

Picture taken on Sunday.  We did the revision over lunch as we did not have much time left.

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11 thoughts on “Doing Revision With Alycia… Part II

  1. gosh..i think this is way beyond a 5 yo…kids in malaysia gotta juggle 3 languages…i went through the same system but i dont remember learning all these in pre school 🙁

  2. My stress is away when looking at Alycia smiling. She does this all the time, doesn’t she? How cute that is! Wish I could meet her, hold her a bit, hear her voice, see her smile in real life one day. My big desire!
    ** Got to get married and have a daughter! By the way, my wife in the future should look at Alycia’s photos 8 hours a day (to be able to give birth to a girl that looked like Alycia ^^, 80% would be fine then). Regards!

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