New Pink Scooter

Aly and Sher finally got what they had longed for when daddy bought them a pink scooter last week. It was the 2nd day of Hari Raya and daddy had brought them to MegaKidz @ Mid Valley Megamall. I stayed home with Baby C…. as usual… sigh…. Daddy didn’t want to bring Baby C to crowded places as he was worried she would get sick easily.

I knew daddy would surely get them something from Toys R Us coz that’s the only time he could buy them toys… without me around to stop him! They left the house at 2pm and only got back at 6ish pm! No need afternoon nap, no need to drink milk, no need to drink water and no need to take bath too.  With daddy around, everything is ‘no need’!  Never mind lar, since it’s a holiday, I let them off the hook…

Once back, they ripped open the box and took the scooter out… which came with a matching pair of sexy pink sunglasses and cool pink helmet.

Girls in pink… how cool and cute hor?

Best of friends now… but “I don’t friend you” later when a tug-of-war ensued over the helmet and sunglasses. 

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27 thoughts on “New Pink Scooter

  1. oh man….ashley has been bugging us to get this for her 🙂 this is the only thing she would go for at toys r us. if i bring her to your house, i think the girls will fight over this toy eh? hahhahahahaa.

  2. My girl has been eyeing for one too. But she is still too young for scooter.

    Haha… perhaps all the men are the same. if I let my hubby takes care of my girl, I am sure also no milk, no water, no nap etc…

  3. Jona has silver scooter like those…..Isaac even daring to ride on it compare to Jona…..don’t your 2 girls will fight to ride it at same time? Both my sons do…

  4. i know what you mean about having Daddy around and everything else is forgotten! moms are always worrying about them whereas dads don’t bother. thats why it’s always fun with daddy.. 🙁 lolol i love the pink scooter myself!

  5. Yea! Agree with you! With daddy around, everything also no need! Hahahhahah

    Nice and cool pink scooter! I think if my boys saw this, they want it too!!!

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