When All Else Fails To Wake Her Up….

Whenever I have problems waking Alycia up from her sleep in the morning or in the afternoon from her nap, I don’t have to drag her up or use threats or bribes anymore.  I used to have a real hard time getting Alycia to wake up on some days but not anymore now. All I need to do is to place Baby C next to Alycia and put her hand round Baby C and voila…. Alycia’s face will instantly light up, with a smile on her face, though her eyes are still closed.  And she will give Baby C a peck on the cheek or on the hand… and she will say softly to her baby sister “cheh cheh loves you baby“!   That’s how much Alycia adores her baby sister…. and she just loves having Baby C next to her when she sleeps. 

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25 thoughts on “When All Else Fails To Wake Her Up….

  1. aiyoh, she so loves baby C ler.. my son oso needs bribes, scolding, etc to get up fr his afternoon nap. hmm..a new baby perhaps to wake him up in the future..??

  2. Awwwww…………………my heart is melting….

    This is totally opposite of our reaction when Tee becomes our alarm clock. For us, it’s “Oh NO!!!!!” *pillow over head*

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