Finally Got My Internet But…

….the connection sucks BIG time.  As expected, my Streamyx isn’t up yet.  I told yer earlier, TM Net will surely break their promise and as sure as the sun rises in the east, they really can’t deliver their promise of getting my Streamyx up within 3 working days.  Luckily smartie me already had a back-up plan and I have rented a 3G wireless internet modem but this 3G’s signal is soooooooo farking slow and unstable at my condo…. and it’s driving me nuts!  I had gotten 2 opps from one advertising network today but I lost both the opps because my internet connection was darn slow.  I also lost a USD20 opp from Elina all because my internet connection wasn’t up yet, bummer!

Anyway nuff of ranting.  I am really stressed up because Baby C is soooooooo clingy to me and I can hardly do anything.   When I wore her in my sling, she hated it and wanted to be down on the floor.  But how can I unpack my stuff when she’s everywhere on the not-so-clean floor and putting everything that looked so new and amusing to her into her mouth?  So I had to carry her and walk round the house to unpack and arrange my things and put her on my lap as I unpacked my things.   She also couldn’t nap for long as my 2 older monkeys have been screaming and laughing and banging on the doors the whole day… and driving me bonkers.  Sherilyn finds it so amusing to throw things down the condo… and also jumping up and down her new bed with her black feet!  Really kek sei ngor and I have been yelling at her a lot these days.

Ok, I better stop ranting and raving.  I’ve got more serious work to complete.  I’ve several assignments to dish out for the advertisers before they expire.  Will update again…..

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