Price To Pay For Not Listening To Mummy

Alycia has been gorging on quite a bit of junk food during the school holidays.  Since her birthday about 1.5 weeks ago, she’s been eating cakes, chocolates, crackers, chips, lollipops and other junk food non stop.  She would throw tantrums when her requests to eat junk food were not met.  Her appetite for junk food is pretty insatiable.  After lunch and dinner each day, she would rummage through the kitchen cabinet and fridge to look for biscuits, chocolates, chips, jellies and much more.  Her tummy is often so filled with junk food that she would have no more room for milk and other healthy food.  Being a health freak, I am against such unhealthy eating habits but she always has people around her who would pamper her with junk food.  Today, she finally puked.  She woke up in the morning and as usual, did not finish her milk.  She was very moody and just lay on the couch.  About half an hour later, she puked.  After that, she did not eat anything but drank some plain water.  During lunch, she had no appetite to eat.  At around 3pm, I gave her about 5 ounces of milk.  After the milk, she puked again.  I think she is having an indigestion as she ate a very heavy dinner yesterday.  After dinner, she polished off a cup of jelly.  If she continues to puke tomorrow, she’ll have to see the doctor.

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11 thoughts on “Price To Pay For Not Listening To Mummy

  1. That’s what happen to my kids too, but not because of junk food. Probably food poisoning, which we can’t figured out from where and what.
    I hope that she will get well soon.

  2. Unfortunate as it is, hopefully it’ll cure her of her junk food kick! If she’s throwing up, just give her water or diluted apple jce or even 7-Up or Sprite. It will help settle her gut. Then she can have apple slices or plain toast if she wants something solid. It’s ok for kids not to have solids for a few days; more important that they keep fluids down. Milk not really good idea when they are throwing up..and such a mess to clean! Hope the sweetie feels better soon.

  3. The junk food things also happen to me whenever we went to visit my mother. There always junk food lying around, biscuits chocolate icecream lolipops, etc, etc. All those things that normally not available in my own home. my 2 yo is still controllable, when i told her she had enough, whe will stop eating. but my last holiday, ziyi didn’t puke leh. if Alycia puke too many times, it’s better to go and see the doctor. It’s normal to puke one or two times, but too many, it became a worry.

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