Alycia Has Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie Every Week

Alycia has just turned 5 years old (she’s a December child) but she’s in the class for 6 year olds. Last week when I checked her message book, I saw this message from her teacher:

I was a tad stumped to read the message. Oh dear, I can’t believe that my just turned 5-year old daughter will have to be given spelling every week… not only in English but in Bahasa Malaysia and in Mandarin. When I was in kindergarten, we never had spelling, never. I guess times have changed and the kindies now have to be really competitive to cater for kiasu parents.

See how tough the words for her spelling are… for beginners that is:

I thought that the pre-schoolers would be tested on easy first words like cat, dog, apple, pencil, etc but nope.

Thank God, Alycia could remember her spelling for some words. For the past several days, I’ve been making Alycia write the words Deepavali and Christmas. After making her write, I will ask her to spell out the words for me verbally and in written form. As of today, she could spell out both the words Deepavali and Christmas by memory. Tomorrow, I will drill her with the word Chinese New Year. Oh boy, this is quite stressful and she’s only 5 years old. When she’s in Primary 5, I think I’ll get even more stressed up.

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10 thoughts on “Alycia Has Spelling, Ejaan And Ting Xie Every Week

  1. ya, i agree.
    Can really feel the stress even for a 5 yo. Too competitive or too kiasu, I’m not sure anymore. But I’m sure someone as bright as Alycia can cope very well in school.

  2. That is so kiasu for the kindy. On my era we only started to learn all those words when I was in primary school. School in Malaysia is really getting more tough but over here in Perth is so easy going for the little ones all the did at school is sandpit and playdough.LOL

  3. We organised a spelling contest for kindergartens last year and those 5 year old kids could spell words like AUBERGINE, TANGERINE, POMEGRANATE without battling an eyelid!!

  4. My gal’s kindy is even more kiasu. She’s going to have her first spelling, ejaan & ting xie every week starting next month 🙁 and she’s only in the 5 yo class. Luckily the words given are not as tough as Alycia’s. Really stressful for her and for me as well…

  5. Hey, after read your blog…make me feels worried, although my baby gal only 13 mos old. I thought the nursery school will only teach BA, CA, DA, or A~Z for 5 years old…. ><||

    I fully agreed with bekysmum, like my niece (my hubby side family) in the UK, her homeworks are much lesser compare to my nephew (brother’s son). I think the asian kids are more academic, yet, western kids are more creativity. I’ve been thru both education system… I must said the Western system is work for me…less stressful and good result!! Although have to gave the credit to those teacher who always gave us SPELLING test…heh x3…when I was in the College/University…my spelling is better than my grammar!!! The lecturers’ looks at me…and asking me…how do I managed that being English not my mother tongue language… so my answer to them is: if you got to do the spelling/memory(me xie) tests 3 times a weeks, then in your tuition class have 2 times a weeks… if you get it wrong, need to re-write the correct words for 10 times…. I’m sure every one will eventually trained to have a very good vocab plus good spelling!!! 😀

    Which kinder school did Alycia go?

    I also took my gal to GYMBO class. so, you think I should start the vocab flash card for the baby who is only 13 mos??? perhaps when she turn 5 years old, her brain already have at least 1000 words ready for the teacher who going to give her ejaan, ting xie & spelling???

    [No pain, No gain]….work hard do count!!! Being a mum is pretty tough huh!!! Especially in these competitive world…

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