Ballet’s Trial Ballet Exam

With the help from one of the mothers in Aly’s ballet school, I managed to learn the art of tying a bun. Well, it ain’t difficult at all. Daddy had to go to 3 shops in Mid Valley to get all those black hair clips and hair net. He even spent a whopping RM25 on a hair net from Evita Peroni…. man, they sure don’t know how to shop.

Alycia looks so matured here in a bun, definitely doesn’t look like one who has just turned 5 years old.  I don’t know where she learned how to pose like that, like a pro ballerina lol!

The trial ballet exam turned out well. Alycia did well but has to improve on ‘rhythm hand clapping’. My princess wannabe also followed daddy and Alycia to the dance studio and dressed up like she’s going for Malaysian Idol audition, with her Paris Hilton sunnies on her head, a cardigan and a sexy dress!

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17 thoughts on “Ballet’s Trial Ballet Exam

  1. Alycia looks very pretty…..she looks just like her Mommy, especially with her hair all tied up? Do u have pictures of Kay Yi in her sexy attire?

  2. Well done on her trial round, hope the actual one will be the best one for her…I’m sure she can make her daddy and mummy proud of her achievement…

  3. Well done, Aly! I’m sure she’ll do well in the real exam. My girl’s mock exam end of this mth. Can’t bun up her short hair, they asked me to gel it up. How leh?

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