Sherilyn My Earnest Ballerina

On Friday, as Alycia and Sherilyn were waiting for daddy to pick them up for their ballet class, koo mah from Hong Kong (my sils from NZ and HK are here for a holiday) asked Sherilyn to ‘perform’ what she has learned in ballet school. Without any hesitation, my Miss Show-Off gladly showed off her stuff like this one:

She also danced a ‘butterfly’ dance round the living room which I must say was done very gracefully and everyone clapped.

Alycia will be sitting for her ballet exam soon, where there will be examiners arriving from the UK. On Monday, there will be a trial exam in a hall in Selayang. I have even learnt how to tie a bun for her…. from her classmate’s mum. We will have to get some black clips and hair net for her today since her hair is not long enough to tie a bun neatly.

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8 thoughts on “Sherilyn My Earnest Ballerina

  1. Personally, I find it quite ridiculous that at such a young age they actually conduct ballet exams? Good lord! I bet these exams cost $ too! Please, let little kids just go have fun, learn ballet or jazz or music so they can improve on coordination and socialize. My dtr took 5 years of dance(ballet/jazz/irish) and never had one exam. She took riding lessons for 12 years, went for a couple of derbys, but nothing competitive. Some people may say I’m a bad mother for not encouraging her to be competitive…I say I pick my battles. Kids have enuf stress these days, just let them be kids.

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