Teaching Baby C To Read And Recognize Objects

That’s my daily morning routine with Baby C. While my maid sits Baby C on her lap to feed her breakfast, I will be flashing cards to her and pointing out to things in the house to her. She seems to enjoy her flash cards and object-identifying sessions every morning. Experts say that the best time to teach a child is when he/she is an infant. The window of opportunity will close by the time the child reaches 6 years old. So, I’m just making full use of the window of opportunity while making meal times a fun time too.

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12 thoughts on “Teaching Baby C To Read And Recognize Objects

  1. I flashed cards too when lil one was 2 mths old while we drove in the mornings & evening to/from my mom’s house. Thot they said dont let the kiddo touch & play with the cards? No meh. Anyway, since mine started to be a brat at 8 mths, I stopped. Now he is busy coloring!

  2. I believed that flash card only works for 4 and above. ๐Ÿ˜›

    By the way, for younger ones, they only can recognize certain colors. Not sure whether they can see what we see.

  3. i tried flash cards when she was 5 months it did work for a while but later it all ended up on the floor with the masak masak. She’d rather have fun, mix & jumble them up…. sigh !!

  4. I do believed the same concept too Shireen. They absorb more as young as possible. I did the same to Sean too. The result is amazing and you are such a determine Mommy. Keep up the good job!

  5. I love your flash cards. Can you let me know where I can get them or different kinds similar? Thanks you!

  6. hi, cant remember how i get to yr blog but i really enjoy reading it. just wanna know where u get those mega size flashcard. i cant find it in singapore.

  7. Newmom and Meichele… I got those flash cards from places like Popular Bookstore, MPH, Borders and Jaya Jusco. I got them about 2 years ago for my 2 older gals.

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