Alycia’s Trial Ballet Exam Again

Today is Alycia’s mock-up ballet exam again. Yes, again! This is the second mock-up exam in a month. This time, invitation has been extended to parents to watch their little ones dance. I wonder why there are so many mock-ups! For pete’s sake, these little ones are only toddlers! I feel bad that I am unable to attend the mock-up exam. I keep consoling myself that in a year’s time when Baby C is a little grown up and hopefully recovered from kidney reflux, I can get back my long-lost freedom and can be part of my 2 older girls’ activities more. Anyway, Alycia has daddy, mah mah and Sherilyn to watch her in action and to give her moral support today.

This morning has been a mad rush for me. After fixing my 3 girls  breakfast and hurried Sherilyn to quickly finish off her breakfast, I gave Alycia a quick bath. Then, I spent half an hour gelling up Alycia’s hair into a neat bun. This time round, I managed to fix a very neat bun without any hair straying on her head. Shall blog about this next. By the time Alycia, Sherilyn, daddy and my mil left the house, I was all sweaty again, though I had taken a shower after my jogging session this morning. I took another shower before giving Baby C her bath. Baby C is now soundly asleep. The house is now so peaceful and quiet, save for the sound of the water trickling in our water fountain on our balcony. I feel kind of lonely now. Ah, how nice would it be if I were now on a New York Sightseeing trip with my girls and hubby. Yeah, how nice, dream on!

2 wannabe-graceful ballerinas. Since last night, my vain-pot has been reminding me that she wanted to wear this sexy floral dress to her cheh cheh’s trial ballet exam. Doesn’t she look like she’s going for some sort of audition? Malaysian Idol? Hahah!

They still need lots of training to be graceful ballerinas. Check out their ultraman poses!

Alycia has to wear this pair of short pink socks for her ballet exam.

Loving sisters.

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9 thoughts on “Alycia’s Trial Ballet Exam Again

  1. Same thing with XY. So maybe this is the norm. I was oso wondering if they really need TWO mock exams, jes for pre-primary level (for such young kids). Ballet is serious biz huh. 🙂

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