How To Tie A Bun With Shoulder-Length Hair

Students who are to sit for their ballet exams are required to tie their hair into a bun. This is a pre-requisite in order to sit for the exam and the examiners are flown in from overseas. In some ballet academies like Jean Gan, they are pretty strict and even for regular classes, students must tie up their hair into a bun – strictly no hair straying on the head.

My first try with the bun with Alycia’s hair was not good. There was hair straying everywhere on her head. This time round, I wet her hair with water first, then applied daddy’s hair sculpting lotion on all her hair. When all her hair was wet, it’s much easier to comb, tie and clip up.

First, I tied her hair into a pony-tail with a hair band. As her hair is not long enough, I couldn’t twist the hair into a bun neatly. I had to use clips to fasten her hair in place before putting a hair net over the tied-up pony-tail like this:

Aly's trial ballet exam, BBC and her bowls 009

After putting the hair net over the tied-up pony-tail, it now looks pretty neat. Next, I used lots of black hair clips to clip up the combed-back and gelled-up fringe, hair on the sides and at the back like this:

Aly's trial ballet exam, BBC and her bowls 013
All in, I used 10 hairclips to fasten the hair on her sides, back and front.

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7 thoughts on “How To Tie A Bun With Shoulder-Length Hair

  1. I never know how to tie my own hair, let alone a little girls! Thank god I have a boy and I dont have to worry about this … cos generally, I am not one who likes to pan leng leng.

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